Kindness: You Can Make A Difference

All over the world there seems to always be something going on that is concerning and never ending. There are wars happening and people dying every day. It becomes hard to watch the news because there seems to always be something sickening going on; there is never good news that we are shown. Though war is something we can’t control and have stop ourselves, what we can do is teach kindness and help bring some peace within our communities. The more we spread kindness the more we can at least hope it stretches far to people who do not practice it. 

So what are some ways we can teach kindness? I recall back when I was little always hearing teachers or parents say “don’t hit so-and-so, use your words.” Back then every kid didn’t pay attention to that and would hit each other as a way to get the other to listen and pay attention. If you think about it now, that has a deeper meaning: don’t be mean, rather be kind to one another. Children should learn that being kind to another person isn’t just a nice and appropriate thing to do but is something that can change a person’s whole day and attitude, causing them to change their own actions and be kind to others as well. 

When I was 16 years old, I decided it was time to cut my long, brown, curly hair. I had grown it out forever to the point where it was so long I could sit on it when it was down. I wore it in a braid on the side most of the times as I got older and then decided it was finally time to cut it. I thought about immediately that I wanted my cut hair to be donated to Locks of Love, an organization that specializes in making wigs for kids with Cancer. When the day came where my hair was cut it ended up being 18 inches of braid; 18 inches I was able to give to a child in need. A few months later I received a “Thank you” note from Locks of Love. 

When I think about doing something small as donating my hair, it makes me tingle with joy. Some child out there in the world is going through a horrible disease and for one brief moment (or so I imagine) was able to smile and feel happy, knowing that they would be able to have a special wig made for them. I always wonder who is wearing my hair and what it meant for them when they got it. 

Spreading kindness to others is a goal everyone should have. When you make someone happy it inspires them to make another person happy. So the next time you open a door, think about holding it for someone else; the next time you see a mother with kids getting off the bus, offer to take her stroller down for her; or how about when you leave a restaurant with a doggie bag you consider giving it to the homeless person sitting outside. All these things can make someone’s hour, someone’s day, someone’s life. 


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