A Short Lesson On Kindness

Kindness is something I think is taken lightly and for granted. People don’t realize how far kindness can go and how much it can change a person’s whole attitude. I recall at my previous job teaching elementary school aged kids in an after school program, I read aloud to a group of second graders stories having to do with a child’s hair (one being that it was so long it had a mind of it’s own and became a character in itself to the point where the main character decided to cut it off and donate her locks). As an adult, I naturally wondered what the hidden message for kids might be and what it was I could elaborate on as a teacher. Sure enough, as I finished reading and showing the pictures, I automatically smiled to myself as I realized what the message was: kindness. “Yes!”, I thought to myself, “Here’s my golden opportunity to teach them about kindness!” As I closed the book I turned to the group of kids and asked them if they could tell me what was important about what the main character did. One girl said, “She donated her hair to a charity.” “Exactly”, I replied, “And what makes that important?” They looked at me waiting for the answer and I proceeded to explain to them how it was an act of kindness the character was doing. She wanted to do something nice for another person and her way of doing that was through donating her hair. I then continued to explain the importance of kindness and other ways to demonstrate being kind to another person, with the hope that if anything they leave my class with the knowledge of what being kind really means. The kids began to understand and started blurting out examples of a time they were kind to another person, “This one time my teacher asked if someone could help clean up and everyone else left but I said I would so I helped my teacher and that was a kind thing to do.” Another girl went on to tell me about a time “Ms. C. needed someone to take the roll to the office so I said I would like to and she said ok but be quiet and I was and when I came back I didn’t make a sound so I was being kind.” I smiled at the kids and listened to their stories and told them I was happy they understood what being kind meant and how important it is.


One comment on “A Short Lesson On Kindness

  1. Thank you for another inspiring post, Sophie! You are so right and in great company:

    “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” ~ Dalai Lama

    “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” ~ Mark Twain


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