Two Little Tales On Kindness

I remember back in high school i was attending the graduation of a couple of my friends who were older than me. I was wearing a black, lace, V-neck dress with black strap sandals. After the ceremony I left the auditorium and headed to the area where I could meet my friends and schmooze over food. As I walked with my boyfriend at the time, an old woman, short and gentle, tapped me on my shoulder, and said, “I just have to tell’re very beautiful.” I smiled shyly at her and replied, “Aw, thank you!” She looked at me with the same kind of warmth my grandpa gave, and said, “Really lovely.” It was almost as if I was a painting she stopped to admire and take in. This happened years ago and I still recall the old woman’s reaction and my own reaction to her kindness. 

Another time, I was in a boutique, looking through clothes on a rack that was high above me. As my right hand moved through the clothes, an older woman next to me noticed the bracelet I was wearing, which I had made myself. The purple beads caught her eye and she said, “Where did you get that lovely bracelet?” “I actually made this”, I told her. “You made that?! Wow!” The lady was stunned. I looked at the colors on my wrist, looked back at her and said, “Would you like it?” (I had been considering either taking it apart or giving it away prior to this conversation). The woman looked first at me, then the bracelet on my wrist. I could tell she wanted to say “Yes” but wasn’t sure, so I unhooked it off my wrist and handed it to her. She slowly took it as she said, “Are you sure?” “Of course!”, I proclaimed. She then insisted on paying me for it, to which I tried to decline, as this was something I really did not need to be given any money for. I kept shaking my head to her, telling her no, not to worry, I’m happy to just give it to her for free, but she wouldn’t have it and insisted on me taking some money. 

These are two stories of kindness, both that happened years ago, both I still remember fondly. Two women who were kind and me showing my gratitude and kindness back to them. Simple things can make a person’s day. The first woman made my night, complimenting me. The second, generous to give me money and so appreciative of my own kindness in having given her my bracelet.

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” ~Dalai Lama. Live by these words. It’s always possible to be kind to others; act on it. 



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