Kindness: An Artist’s True Masterpiece

As you read what I have to say, think about the following quote by an unknown author: “Making one person smile can change the world – maybe not the whole world, but their world.”

It was a day of creativity. The sun was shining through my living room windows, my hair was getting extra highlights from the bright sun coming through and landing on me, and the air was filled with kindness. I was going through a bunch of black and white images on my computer, trying to gain some inspiration for what I wanted to draw next, as I had been doing a bunch of drawings for days in a row and wanted to create a new masterpiece. 

As i was sitting comfortably, scrolling through pictures, starting to gain inspiration for a new drawing, my phone buzzed a particular sound, indicating that I had a new email, but I chose to ignore it. My eyes and brain were so involved in the art process; my brain getting ready to focus hard on the potential piece I was going to create, and my hands, though using a keyboard, were getting ready to move delicately and cautiously in various motions to form an intricate drawing. I decided to get up and grab all my materials needed for my art and as I walked from one room to the other I glanced at the email that had come through. Suddenly, I came to a halt, sat down in order to read more thoroughly, and took in every word. The email was a response from a photographer, Max Barsness, whom I had sent an email to, telling him how much I appreciated his work, particularly from a fellow artist’s perspective. His words were filled with kindness, gratitude, and all I could think when I read his words was how honored I was to have received true kind-hearted and genuine words from someone I admired. I thought how not everyone you email responds, yet alone so quickly, and to have received a reply at all made me smile.

Once your kind, the kindness just goes further: The emails continued between the two of us, as I decided to share some of my drawings to someone I thought would appreciate looking at them. Within a couple minutes he replied, again with kind words: “These are really cool!!! Wow! Keep up the good work.” Another message of kindness, another smile on my face, another step closer to watching more and more people in the world be kind to one another. 

It’s important to recognize the little bits and pieces of kindness that is given to you; acknowledge the small things in life, don’t take them for granted, and be a part of the gift of kindness that was given to you by giving someone else the gift of kindness. Whether through your words or through sharing your art with others, putting a smile on a single person’s face can change a lot. Think about that quote above, “Making one person smile can change the world – maybe not the whole world, but their world.” A smiling person makes their world better, but more than a single smiling face can help make the world better. 


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