Happiness: Doing Good For Others

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” ~Martin Luther King, Jr. Think about what Mr. King said, what are you doing for others? Are we all so selfish in this world that we don’t think about what we can do for others? Or maybe we aren’t actually selfish but don’t stop to think about if we have done something meaningful for others before. Have you ever done something for a friend or family member that made them cry tears of happiness? Have you ever done something nice for a stranger? Or have you ever felt bad for another person that it has made you want to give them something for the sake of being kind? Think about these questions as you read on. My hope is after telling this story you will think about how you can contribute to spreading more kindness in the world.

It was a warm Thursday evening, I was walking hand in hand with my boyfriend, walking through a lit-up outside mall. We were talking and watching the other strollers, looking around, breathing in the warm air. I suddenly noticed a long line of people and I was wondering what was going on, if there was an event in the mall I wasn’t aware of. I then noticed in each person’s hand was a white plate. “I wonder what’s going on,” I said. As we continued walking by the long line of people, I saw a few people serving food. We then realized what was going on: It was an evening of feeding the homeless. Every person standing holding a white plate was homeless and they were getting fed a feast on this particular evening. My boyfriend and I looked at each other and at all the people and thought “Wow, how wonderful,” as we continued on strolling through the mall. A little while later we headed back in the direction we came, passed the group of folks eating, and were stunned to see that even after 10pm they were still serving food to more and more people. I couldn’t believe how many mouths were getting fed what looked to be as big as a Thanksgiving meal. Plates were piled with meat, mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables, and what amazed me even more was that they hadn’t run out of anything. Then, as we exited the mall, we saw more food being unpacked out of boxes. “Wow,” I said again, “Just wonderful.” It was a magical night, a night filled with gratitude, a night unlike any other night for both the hungry and the fed people.

Now think about the following words of Helen Keller, “It all comes down to this: the simplest way to be happy is to do good.” Live your life with happiness. Do good for others and you will feel like this beautiful life of yours was meant to be. YOU were meant to be. Meant to be happy, live happily, and meant to help make others in this world happy.


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