Kindness: It Can Show Up Anywhere

“Kindness, I’ve discovered, is everything in life.” ~Isaac Bashevis Singer. You never know when you will come across a kind, gentle soul in life. Kindness can be everywhere your heart goes. Sometimes even in the most unexpected places you will find a kind soul, one that gives you a feeling of warmth and clarity into what the word “kind” means.

I was standing in line at the Post Office, waiting patiently to mail a package, when the woman in front of me asked if I wouldn’t mind saving her spot in line while she looks at the greeting cards in the corner. “No problem,” I said. A few seconds later she returned, thanked me for saving her spot and we continued waiting in the line that never moved. I looked around and gazed at the woman that was behind the counter helping customers. She was the only worker, doing many things at once, and had a very happy presence. She was smiling at every customer, helping them out, and then wishing them a great day.

After I noticed the worker, the woman in front me turned around and said to me, “She’s so pleasant!” I nodded and added, “Which is so rare in this line of work! Usually they aren’t this pleasant and happy!” We agreed that this worker deserved to be told how kind she was being. When it finally came time for the lady in front of me to go up to the counter, I overheard her explain our conversation about how nice it was to see such a happy person in the Post Office. The woman blushed, joked with us that she isn’t such a lovely person as we were saying, and thanked her customers for our acknowledgement. As the woman in front of me finished with her mail to be sent out, she looked back at me and said “Take care!,” with a huge smile on her face.

That’s the thing about kind people, you never know where you might encounter them. I certainly wasn’t thinking of all places there would be two friendly and happy women at the Post Office but sure enough it was an unexpected delight waiting in line. So always be your kind self, no matter where you are, because you never know when someone else might pay you a compliment on kindness.


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