Artist Goals

As an artist sometimes you have your moments of inspiration where you can’t wait to start a new project. For me that project was creating a collage to go on my wall. I decided that on a wall that I will be staring at regularly I should put some words of inspiration, things that make me smile, things that encourage me to continue doing what I love. With that in mind I ended up creating a collage that reflects two things I am very passionate about: ending bullying and spreading kindness into the world. I used drawings I had previously drawn that spoke to me where I felt the person’s emotion come out. I then wrote a bunch of inspirational quotes, which I sprinkled all over surrounding the images of people I had drawn. I made my art come to life. I made the words come alive with the people. I made a piece of art that inspires me to never stop being kind and be who I am. I hope my collage inspires you too, the beautiful people reading my stories, to do something that encourages you to continue being you and focus on your goals in life. You too can be a voice that helps to inspire others.


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