You Are Special

Yesterday. What a day. A day that was so amazing I have to write about it. A day where having a kind soul was reflected. I was having a blast walking around the local art store, buying a new canvas to paint my next masterpiece on. When I realized I couldn’t buy out the store (though I really wanted to) I stood in line. Behind me, a little girl, holding her brand new box of markers, smiling, standing next to her mommy. She was patient and she was a little artist excited for her new markers. As I stood, waiting for the line to move, I turned around and smiled at the girl and her mother as my eyes moved around looking at all the art supplies. Though being very patient I could tell that the little artist was getting restless and probably just wanted to leave, go home, and try out her new markers (as any artists would want to do!).

The longer I stood in line, the more I wanted to turn around and stare at this sweet little artist more. She was a happy child, a child I hope stays happy as she gets older and faces what life has to offer her. As I thought about how happy this child seemed to be, how sweet and innocent she looked, I wanted her to treasure her life as a child for as long as possible, and when she grows up to remember when things get hard, how much she smiled as a kid. With that, I ripped out a little piece of paper from my purse, grabbed a pen, and wrote the following note:

On the front: For: You, a special person. And I folded it in half.

In the inside I wrote the following:

                 You are a special person. Beautiful. Amazing.

                 One of a kind. Don’t ever forget that. 

                  Follow your dreams. Treat others with kindness.

                  And don’t forget to smile. Happy Holidays! 

After folding it in half, I turned around, smiled at the child, and handed it to her. She gazed at the front, held it tight, and put it in her coat pocket. I smiled at her again. The child’s mother whispered to her daughter, “What did she give you?,” knowing that I had given her a piece of paper. The daughter responded quietly, “I’m special.”

It was a special moment for the child and for me. A small act of kindness. This was something I spontaneously did out of kindness and is something the little artist will never forget. Doing small acts of kindness can change the world. People will never forget what you did and your kindness will hold a place in their heart and perhaps even inspire them too to be kind to others. I challenge you to do a random act of kindness. Show others how far kindness can go. Show the world that kindness is important and valuable and never to be taken lightly. You have the power to make a difference.


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