You are Unstoppable!

I always tell people that I am very passionate about my blog and what I choose to write and share with you. I believe so much in spreading kindness into the world as well as being another advocate for children and standing up against bullying. When I tell people my stories, when I share with them my own experiences being bullied as well as my encounters with kind souls, I hope that if anything I am giving people a chance to become inspired and passionate about something of their own. I encourage everybody to find something that they have strong feelings about. Find your passion, find that thing in life that makes you want to teach others what you have learned and what you believe it.

It is so important that throughout life’s obstacles we have something that we live by, something that makes us smile, something that makes us want to get up in the morning and speak about it or act on it. For me I have many things I am very passionate about, from creating art, to spreading kindness into the world, to helping kids speak up for themselves and stand up to bullies. These are just some of the things that make me excited each day, even when I’m having a hellish day, these are things that I turn to because they are my passion. When I talk about bullying or kindness, I say it with passion. The words that flow out of my mouth are pure and true and my actions are genuine. I want to inspire. I want to teach. I want to demonstrate what it means to be passionate about something. Once you find that little something that inspires you and encourages you and makes you feel unstoppable, go out and show the world just how amazing and unstoppable you really are.




One comment on “You are Unstoppable!

  1. Well said, the world needs more kindness. It can be so bitter and selfish. I really wish people just share their story and pay it forward.


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