A Dash of Sparkle

Each day is a new beginning. A second chance. A time to smile. A day to dream. A day of opportunity. A day to be kind to one other. For me it was another day to do a random act of kindness. I had found this adorable shower scrubber that was a little whale made out of washcloth material. It was a bright blue whale with an orange luffa in the middle. I decided it would be perfect to create a little message of kindness dedicated to the elementary school children nearby. I wrote out and attached the following note:

To all the school children,

Know that you are amazing.

Each and every one of you are special.

Love your parents. Love your teachers.

Love each other.

I threaded the note with the hanging little whale through the fence outside of the school. As I walked away from leaving the little whale to watch over the children, I thought to myself, “How simple an act of kindness can be.” It’s important to be kind to one other and teach others the value of kindness. I hope that this little treasure I hung for the children will be a reminder for everyone who walks by it to be kind to each other. After all, kindness is like glitter: the more you sprinkle it, the happier people will be.




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