“Am I alone?” NO!

Why is it that the majority of articles on bullying is only about it happening to children, teenagers, or young adults? Why are we rarely told stories about bullying happening to adults? Many people have the assumption that bullying doesn’t happen when you are an adult and can’t happen. Unfortunately, it does not matter how old one is, a bully will target anyone they please. Try to get into the mindset of reasons why a bully targets others. Perhaps it is out of jealousy, out of attention, and because they don’t know any other way to show they are worth something. Perhaps they even grew up with a parent bullying them. When you are a victim it becomes harder and harder to understand how a bully thinks and how they could have any appropriate reason for causing pain to another human being. Do they even feel guilt when they are confronted? Do they show remorse? Do they understand pain? Or do they feel nothing inside? I’d like to believe that people who choose to be mean are lost and they are just trying to find their way. “Reach out, grab my hand, face the music, oh lost soul,” I think to myself. But when you reach, when you hope to touch the soul of a bully, there is nothing to grab onto. Maybe that’s my inner self. Maybe that’s the little girl with tears streaming down her face inside me, wanting answers, wanting to know why she’s crying, but not having the physical and emotional strength to grab them and pull them out of their lost life and into a world of hope, feelings, kindness, and change.

If you are an adult, a child, a teenager, someone with hopes, fears, and dreams, you are human, you are great, and no one can take that away from you. A bully may appear in your life at some point, abusing your feelings and shoving pain through your heart. Just know that if it happens to you, do not give up strength. You are not alone in this world. Chances are the feelings you feel in that very moment are being felt by many others just like you. Everyone is going through something each moment you are. Good, bad, exciting, overwhelming, everyone goes through all these emotions every single minute. You are not alone and you never will be. When you go to bed at night, look in the mirror and touch the hand of the person looking back at you. Whose hand do you touch? Who do you see? YOU. YOU have your own back. YOU are in charge. YOU matter. YOU are never alone.




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