Authenticity: It’s The New Black

“Your imperfections are marks of authenticity…and that is the beauty of you.” ~Isaac Fowler. Pretend that I have a camera pointed at you in this very moment. What would your expression be? What would your pose be? Would you be smiling? Frowning? Screaming? Dancing? Would you hide your true emotions because there is a camera pointed at you? We live in a world where everyone is obsessed with taking “selfies” and achieving tons of “likes” on Instagram or Facebook, to the point where it becomes hard to tell what’s real. People like the attention, they feel good about themselves when they receive comments about the picture they took of themselves looking happy, and there is nothing wrong with that; there is nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself. The question I ask, however, is how many of us want to feel good about ourselves so much that we hide our true feelings in the moments we take the picture, fearing that perhaps people won’t “like” our pictures? Every time you snap a picture of yourself are you as happy as you look in the image created? Is the big bright smile on your face real or is it covering up other emotions?

It’s hard to tell what is real and honest. We all want to look our best so that people give us compliments and although that might at times sound conceded, we like attention. The reality is this though: we do not every minute feel happy. We don’t always feel like smiling when we take a picture or have someone else take a picture of us. We sometimes don’t want to smile. So then why do we when the camera is pointed at us? Why are we so afraid to show honesty in pictures?

Think about the moments you are happy and filled with joy. Do you want to capture on camera that feeling so that you remember it always? What about when you are feeling down? Most people would probably rather not take a picture when they are upset because they do not want to remember the sadness. But then why is that when it comes to taking pictures of ourselves we feel the need to take it no matter the feeling we feel? Why are we obsessed with “selfies” so much that it can be a lie of our emotions? Have you ever just had the need to take a picture of yourself because you liked your makeup or your hair but in reality you were also mad? Why take a picture then? Why pretend to smile when you are mad? Why convey false feelings to the world?

These are my thoughts. These are just words. You don’t have to agree or disagree. I am here to give insight on things that have come to my own attention. Use my words as a tool. Think about what I say. And when you are ready, go take a “selfie” of your true feelings in this very moment. Honest. Sincere, You. That creates a beautiful picture.





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