“I Do…NOT!”

Married at First Sight. What is up with this show? For those of you who have spared yourself from watching this reality show, (great choice!) it follows three couples that chose to get married to a complete stranger, paired by “experts” for an experiment. Neither the future wife nor the future groom know anything about the other, have no idea what they even look like until they reach the altar to be legally bound, and have no idea what they are getting themselves into. Cameras follow each couple through their journey to either fall in love and live happily ever after or fall off a bridge of disastrous marriage leading them to a divorce.

This season embodies what reality show drama is and it makes me want to scream. You have Tres and Vanessa, the only couple that has been romantic and were the first to win the hearts of audiences. Then you have Neil and Samantha (Sam), two completely different people who slowly but surely are gaining more confidence with one another and becoming a “normal” couple, despite the lack of affection. Finally, David and Ashley. He is actually quite pleasant but she…who the hell is she? She is what I will from now on refer to as a total ball of anxiety with the appearance of a Kardashian with smaller boobs and tushie. More on her soon.

Before I dive further into the water on these couples, particularly Ms. ball of anxiety, I want to mention that I am not against people who choose to do something like this show. I question it, sure, but I will never be someone to tell another person what to do. That said, what the hell is the deal with this show and the people on it? Let’s focus on Neil and Samantha for a second. When we are shown their wedding day… spoiler alert! Sam was anxious, nervous, and looked as if she would have a panic attack, a total normal reaction to marrying a complete stranger. When she came down the aisle with her dad, Neil watching her from the altar, she turned her walk into a nervous dance. Then she cracked jokes at the altar and I started to think she was not serious about doing this experiment. Either that or she was covering up the fact that she thinks Neil is ugly. A few episodes in, Sam shows herself as someone with very specific and strong feelings about men and women and their specific gender roles. She believes a man must be strong and provide for his wife, and resemble a very masculine person. In other words, not who she found Neil to be. For a while I found Sam to be an unkind person who has too strong of feelings and is so blunt to the point where it’s like why the hell do you need to be so mean? Amazingly, Sam just recently turned herself around, became very emotional, and for the first time I felt like “I’m on your side. I hope this works.”

Ok, Ashley and David. Let’s talk about them. David is such a caring man and is very committed to this experiment. He wants so much to make Ashley happy, get to know her more, and eventually fall in love and be happy with his new bride. Unfortunately, from the very moment we see Ashley gaze at the altar to see who her husband is, she was terrified. Terrified because she did not like one bit what she saw. She is not at all attracted to David, refuses to get to know him and view him in different light, and yet chooses to go through with the wedding. Why? If the second you see someone who you feel you will never be close with yet alone feel is your husband why say “I do” and not get out of it? It’s now almost the end of the experiment, 5 weeks later, and Ashley has not changed her mind. She continues to be terrified, filled with anxiety, and continues to be an unlikable “character.”

Each couple has shown the difficulties that come with marriage, particularly with getting to know your spouse you never knew existed before the wedding. Each person has given us a glimpse into their world and the experts have reiterated to us what is difficult for each individual person. The whole time, however, I have not been able to understand Ashley. I am so confused as to why she decided to do this show. I keep thinking it was a dare by a friend. She continues to feel miserable, continues to not try to make the marriage work, continues to treat David as a “friend” and then chooses to make herself even more miserable by deciding to believe that David…wait for it… cheated. I’m sorry girl, but who the hell are you and why are we watching you on the T.V.?

I have no clue who will “win” this show and stay married. I don’t even care. But unfortunately, because this is a reality show, I have to continue to watch it until the very end. We are in the home-stretch! It’s the top of the 9th inning! Will they stay together? Or will they end their misery as well as ours?




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